About us

About us

i-did i-did_slow fashion_movement believes in a social and cyclic society. A society where products and commodities are not thrown away, where everyone contributes to continue the cycle and where no one is excluded. That’s why we reassess textile raw materials and supply of labour: our design products are made of textile surpluses and used clothes that have been thrown away. Furthermore, they are manufactured by people with a distance to the labour market.

WEL programm  | Work | Empower| Learn | i-did helps people who have been on welfare for a longer period of time to find a true place of their own in the community. We work together with the Council of Utrecht. The programme provides a workplace good working conditions, combined with in-company training and personal development, helping participants achieve economic independence. During a period of six months they follow sewing lessons for one day per week. At the end of these lessons they receive a diploma. The other three days they work in our sewing facility where they make, among other things, felt bags and accessories. Every month personal coaching sessions help to empower the participants. At the end of the programme we try to help them on their way to a new job with the help of our own jobcoach.

130 Million Kilos of Textile Waste Every year we as consumers and companies create 240 million kilos of textile waste in the Netherlands alone. Of this, 130 million kilos end up between the regular waste. A shame, in our opinion, as this is an enormous waste of costly energy, material and labour.

Urban Mining i-did has discovered that consumer clothes that have become unwearable and textile waste from companies provide a new base material. A high-quality felt, in which the character of the different kinds of recycled clothing and textile is represented and can be used to make beautiful design products. Currently, more and more companies want to do something useful with their textile waste instead of discarding it. i-did offers these companies a (custom) solution by making new products from their textile waste. It is possible to recycle working clothes into felt. Companies such as Heineken, Initial and Cortina have their own colour felt, recognizable for their employees and clients.

IKEA Under the name Next Generation IKEA works together with social enterprises around the world which have the goal to enhance the social situation of disadvantaged communities to create a lasting and positive change in society. The temporary collections resulting from these collaborations, such as the limited collections manufactured by i-did, are now available in all Dutch IKEA-stores. Fabrics used in the collection are surplus IKEA fabrics which have been redesigned into new products.

Circular Products In i-did’s CSR workshop we produce our Circular Products. All the items are developed and designed biy us and they are all completely circular. From the start of the design process our designer, Daisy, ensures that all items follow circular principles. Therefore, we only use the felt as a base and the accessories like buttons, zippers and rings are made of plastic. Thus, you can recycle them easily without removing them. While we hope that our products will be used for a long time, if they aren’t used anymore they can be put in the textile containers to be recycled. Then, they can be reused as raw material for new products … and the circle is round again.

For more information: info@i-did.nl