Acoustic interior

More and more companies are settling in old buildings. There is a preference for open workplaces, raw materials and an industrial look. The downside is poor acoustics and therefore an unpleasant working environment. We have the solution!


"We saw that there was a demand for round shapes and design and here it comes together very nicely"


Recycled, circular and social


What distinguishes our acoustic interior products from other acoustic interior products on the market is that we almost only use recycled materials (except for the glue and staples) and that our products are circular. In addition, through the proceeds from assignments, we guide people, who have not or have never worked for a long time, to paid work.


Multipaneel voor aan de wand


Multipaneel voor plafond

The possibilities


Multi panel for on the wall


Multi panel for ceiling


Recycled felt

System panel ceiling

Desk Divider_Sky Blue_2.jpg

Desk Dividers straight / flex

Island for ceiling

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