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Gerecycled vilt

The industry makes cleaning rags, insulating material for the car industry and moving blankets from depreciated textile. But we thought this could be done differently and developed our design felt in 2014. Everyone in the chain thought we were crazy. How can you create a valuable design product from discarded clothing?

And now...


Everyone wants to work with us! We are now receiving so many requests for our felt that we have decided not only to process it ourselves, but to also sell it per linear meter. Now we can create even more impact together!


It is and will remain a recycled product, so no batch of felt is exactly the same and sometimes also gone = gone. So even if you have our sample set, it may be that you have a color felt in mind that we no longer have. But it could also be that we have a beautiful new color that you don't know about yet! So always ask what is in stock.

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These types of recycled felt are currently in stock

Our recycled felt is made from consumer clothing or corporate clothing from organisations. This ensures a continuity in the different types of felt. Here you can see which felt is currently in stock.  Do you already see a species that you want to get started with? We are very curious!

Are you interested in many meters of our recycled felt? Please contact us for custom prices.  


Our felt colors

All our felt colors are made from recycled textiles. For example, we save water and CO2 by recycling textiles into beautiful felt. The colors and products may differ slightly from the picture, because they are sorted textiles.

Recycled felt from your company clothing?

In our i-did Factory we can recycle your old company clothing into felt in which the origin of the clothing can be seen. Whether these are small or very large quantities. To turn that felt into beautiful, new products for your company!

For example, we can produce acoustic wall panels or other interior products. It is also possible to make laptop covers, bags and (home) accessories from the felt. So you can even have business or employee gifts made from your own company clothing. Then the circle is round, isn't it?

Would you like advice on bags, felting & accessories?

Ik ben benieuwd naar je plannen & ideeën. Neem gerust contact met mij op!

Jiska Rutteman

Bags, felt & accessories expert

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