Old textile to design

The industry uses deteriorated textile for cleaning cloths, insulation material for the car industry and moving blankets. But i-did thought that this could be done differently and developed our design felt in 2014. Everyone in the chain thought i-did was crazy. How can you create a valuable design product from discarded clothing?


Want to know more about recycled felt?

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And now we see


Everyone wants to work with i-did! We now receive so many requests for our felt that we have decided not only to process it ourselves, but to also sell it per linear meter. Now we can create even more impact together!

It is and remains a recycled product, so no batch of felt is exactly the same and sometimes the same applies. So even if you have our sample set, it is possible that you have a color felt in mind that we no longer have. But it is also possible that we have a beautiful new color that you do not know about! Always ask what is in stock.

Felt from your own company textile? We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities!

We have already been able to do this for KLM, Efteling, Heineken, Defense and clothing from hospitals and care institutions and many more.



The vast majority of our felt is recycled (company) textile, mixed with recycled flinters from PET bottles. Unfortunately, two virgin materials still have to be used to make it into a firm felt. There is a 'spinvlies' (a wafer-thin layer of polyester fabric) under the felt that we need to 'needle' the felt on and a small percentage of melt fibers is added to better bind the felt. We will of course keep a close eye on developments and will switch to other, more sustainable materials as soon as possible. But for that you simply need a larger scale.


Ask for the possibilities

via sales@i-did.nl

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