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You are already guaranteed a thoroughly social and sustainable gift. But what could be more fun than adding a personal touch? With our branding options you have the freedom to add your own logo, text or personalization. 

These companies preceded you

All options at a glance

Custom designs

Looking for something truly unique? We also have the option to use custom made for your company. 

We then design a custom product together with you, completely unique! This can be from our felt, but we can also felt your old (company) textiles in our factory.

We'd love to talk to you! 

Learn more about branding? 

Do you want to know more about all options regarding personalization and branding? In our one pager we have all personalization options listed; from labels to logos and screen printing.


How will you tell your story? 

Or take right awayContact us

We are happy to give you advice about everything related to bags, accessories, branding and felting!

Sign up for the i-did stories! Periodic background stories, our impact, new range & cool collaborations. 

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