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i-did Factory

✓Recycle all types of textiles

✓ Complete circular textile chain

✓High quality felt & fiber production 

Did you know that about 330 million kg of old textiles in the Netherlands end up on the textile mountain every year? And that only a fraction of the old textiles are recycled? So it is high time to do it differently.


The i-did Factory is one of the first to bring a completely circular textile chain under one roof. We even process small amounts of old textiles into recycled felt. All that beautiful felt forms the basis for social action: helping the long-term unemployed find work.


i-did Factory: the textile mountain as the start of something new


Did you know that very little used textile is recycled while we can make so much beautiful with this precious raw material? We have been showing for years that used textiles are a valuable material that you can use to make beautiful design products. You can see that in our collection of bags, accessories and acoustic interior solutions made from recycled felt.


With support from IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, Rabofoundation, Stichting doen and Fonds1818, we set up the i-did Factory in The Hague. At the i-did Factory we will locally process used (company) textiles into new products. Instead of exporting the textile waste to other countries or seeing it go up in smoke.

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'With our own felt factory, we strive for a composition from 100% recycled materials'

Mireille & Michiel (directors i-did)

With the i-did Factory we focus on

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Take-back program

With the i-did Factory we strive for a third (or fourth) life for our products

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Research & Development

What else can we do with recycled felt? We will test and research all kinds of things with the Factory


More impact

Not only more sustainable impact, but we also make more social impact. With the Factory we have even more places for our participants

How does the i-did Factory work?

The Factory process begins when we receive a shipment of clothing to be felted. This can be consumer clothing or supplied company clothing. Cutting creates the coarse and fine fibers. The fibers are then proportionally blended with recycled polyester. This provides the strength in the final recycled felt.

Then the felt is cut to the correct width and rolled. In the felt you can still see pieces of the old clothing, this is why it always carries a story with it!

Book your tour of the i-did Factory
Watch the entire process: from old textiles to recycled felt

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Have you always wanted to see the world's only completely circular felt factory? You can with the guided tours at the i-did Factory. You'll get a look at how the entire process goes from old (company) clothes to eventually the fresh felt rolls rolling off the belt.


Our Factory expert will tell you all about the composition of the felt, possibilities of recycling and research on material types. The Factory is a place to discover, feel and inspire. You will also get a peek into our social workshop where our i-did colleagues produce the most beautiful felt products.


Contact us for current pricing, available dates & more information.

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