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Your own recycled felt

Our recycled felt, i-felt, is made from textile surpluses that would otherwise be incinerated. You recognize the written-off uniforms of, among others, Defense, IKEA, De Efteling and KLM.


Do you also want to join the list of organizations with their own recycled felt? And bring your company clothing or textile surplus back to life? We offer the possibility to hand in your (company) clothing and get brand new felt products in return. 


It is great to give to your employees, customers or partners!

A selection of the organizations that believe in our mission

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How does it work?

1. You deliver old (company) clothing
You supply old company clothing of at least 500 kg. This concerns similar textiles, preferably sorted by color and material, so that we can make beautiful standardized felt.


Je levert textieloverschotten aan van ten minste 500kg. Vrijwel alle soorten geweven textiel kunnen we verwerken tot vilt. Doordat we enkel het aangeleverde textiel als grondstof gebruiken, blijven de kenmerken en kleur van het textiel behouden. Je ziet de oorsprong van het textiel dus terug in het vilt.

2. We process the textile into felt
In our Factory we immediately start processing your old company clothing. The old textiles are converted into fibers and ultimately into recycled felt. You can still see chips and the color of your old clothes in the felt. 

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In de i-did Factory gaan wij aan de slag om het
textiel te verwerken tot vilt. Het textiel wordt eerst vervezeld. Daarna worden er, indien nodig, smelt- en sterktevezels aan toegevoegd om een mooie en sterke kwaliteit you-felt te kunnen produceren.

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3. You choose which felt products you receive
With your own recycled felt, you can choose which products we make for you. You can choose interior, bags & accessories. It is also possible to purchase office furnishings such as a workPod, chairs or desks in collaboration with our partners. And yes, your company clothing is incorporated in all these items. 

Do you have a product in mind? We are happy to think along with you about how we produce customer-made products for you. The possibilities are countless!

In onze sociale ateliers kunnen van het you-felt producten worden gemaakt. Van tassen & accessoires tot woonaccessoires, akoestisch interieur en custom made producten. Ook is het mogelijk om in samenwerking met één van onze partners kantoorinrichting te laten maken als Work Pods, stoelen of bureau's. En ja, in al deze items wordt you-felt van jouw bedrijfstextiel verwerkt!

These organizations preceded you!

We are happy to inspire you with all the possibilities!

Would you like to know more about all bags & accessories made from recycled felt? And do you want more information about the characteristics, functional use and the quantities? In our brochure we take you along what makes you happy as a buyer. 


In our brochure we tell you everything about:
-      Bags
-      Accessories
-      Our felt
-      & custom made

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See if our recycled felt fits your design project!

Are you interested in many meters of our recycled felt? Or do you want to see if it fits a design project? Request a free sample set!

The sample set consists of all our current felt colors, but also felt from the past or made especially for customers. It gives a beautiful picture of the possibilities of recycled felt. We are curious what your plans are with it!


Would you like advice on bags, felting & accessories?

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I am curious about your plans & ideas. Feel free to contact me!

Lykke Labordus

Bags, felt & accessories expert

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