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We believe in a social and circular society. A society where everyone contributes to keep the circle going and where no one is left out.


We employ people who, for whatever reason, have not worked for a long time or have never worked. People who want to participate, but have not really seen or gotten the opportunity to do so alone. Together we discover opportunities, through coaching, guidance and of course by working and getting to know someone as a colleague.

Sustainable design.


Our bags, interior and accessories are carefully designed by our designer. This not only looks at how beautiful a product is, but also whether this product can last for a long time. This makes not only our material sustainable, but also the products themselves. Our bags and accessories are made in our workshops. Here we guide people who have not worked or have never worked for a long time, towards sustainable work.

You can see the origin of the textile in every product. For example, with the color Defense Desert you occasionally see a small piece of green fabric from old army textiles. So you have a sustainable product in your hands with a history and a special story.

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These organizations preceded you.
We are happy to inspire you with all the possibilities!

Would you like to know more about all bags & accessories made from recycled felt? And do you want more information about the characteristics, functional use and the quantities? In our brochure we take you along what makes you happy as a buyer. 


In our brochure we tell you everything about:
†     bags
†     accessories
†     our felt
†     & customer made 

The possibilities of promotional gifts and own branding


Bags & Accessories

Our collection of bags & (home) accessories is becoming increasingly extensive. Looking for sustainable promotional gifts? We have a wide choice!


Personal branding

Sustainable promotional gifts with your own branding? Which can! For example, think of your own logo on the label or your own design!


Custom design

Do you have your own ideas for felt products? Let us know! IKEA has had its own felt products designed. We like to think along with you.

See if our recycled felt fits your design project!

Are you interested in many meters of our recycled felt? Or do you want to see if it fits a design project? Request a free sample set!

The sample set consists of all our current felt colors, but also felt from the past or made especially for customers. It gives a beautiful picture of the possibilities of recycled felt. We are curious to see what your plans are!


Would you like advice on bags, felting & accessories?

I am curious about your plans & ideas. Feel free to contact me!

Jiska Rutteman

Bags, felt & accessories expert

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