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Our mission


We believe in a social and circular society. A society where everyone contributes to keep the circle going and where no one is left out.


We employ people who, for whatever reason, have not worked for a long time or have never worked. People who want to participate, but have not really seen or gotten the opportunity to do so alone. Together we discover opportunities, through coaching, guidance and of course by working and getting to know someone as a colleague.

How we help


People who have never worked or have not worked for a long time are intensively guided and coached by us. Through work we focus on the development of employee skills.


At the same time, we are clearing the textile mountain. We do this by making recycled felt from old textiles – such as company clothing or consumer clothing.


In our workshops, participants work independently to produce beautiful bags, interiors and accessories from recycled felt.


Oh and as a social enterprise we only go for maximum sustainable and social impact. We fully invest profit in our mission. A logical choice for us to create a more beautiful world.

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Our participants speak

Wil je jezelf of iemand anders aanmelden als deelnemer of heb je hier vragen over? Mail dan naar

Impact recently


Helped the long-term unemployed


Long-term unemployed  from the  assistance


Liters of water saved


Kg of textile reused

From 2018 all participants who have been on welfare for a long time and who have gained work experience through us. The participants have developed through coaching and guidance. 

The participants who have left the regular labor market since 2018. They regained happiness at work and blossomed on a personal level. These outflows are also out of long-term assistance.

Since 2020, in collaboration with MadeBlue, we have been calculating the number of liters of water that would otherwise have been wasted in textile production and processing. We donate the number of liters of water to water projects abroad

Normally, old textiles disappear in incinerators or on waste heaps. We upcycle the material and give it a brand new life in the form of bags, interiors & accessories. 

Nice mission, but what can you do with recycled felt?


A lot! On the right you see, for example, the Yohannes (named after our participant) shopper. Made from old Efteling uniforms. The Yohannes with zipper is practical, strong and above all an eye-catcher. With this shopper you save 561 liters of water, reuse 460 grams of old textiles and give someone a chance at a social future!

Our felt, i-felt, is extremely strong and solid. In addition to bags, we also produce interior items and accessories. 


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Everyone worldwide participates 100% through work

We are well on our way. Yet we believe in a greater purpose. Namely that worldwide everyone participates 100% through work.


With the i-did Factory, we are one of the first to offer a completely circular textile chain. We process even small amounts of old textiles into felt. All that beautiful felt forms the basis for social action: helping the vulnerable find work. We will use this model worldwide to make even more impact.

And at the same time, we want to complete our mission in the Netherlands by helping people on long-term assistance and by tidying up the mountain of textiles. With the purchase of our i-did items you can assure that you are helping this mission!

View our collaboration with KLM

In February 2019, two KLM employees came to visit us in The Hague. They were responsible for the entire KLM 100-year collection and were curious about what we could do for them. They thought, "How cool would it be if we could make this with our old uniforms?".

And that's how a collaboration came about, resulting in products made of beautiful KLM felt. Completely sustainable & social.

Join our mission!

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A selection of the organizations that believe in our mission

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