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Founder DHM: “Circularity is possible, but you should not accept the status quo”

The construction and design of his building was the reason to start a search for acoustic decoration. Marc Martojo, founder of DHM, researched various sustainable options and came up with baffles, lampshades and workPODs made of recycled felt. The items are characteristic of DHM's industrial and characteristic building: "Everything is given a second life here."

Learn, earn & return

“Sustainable and social are the two basic components for us. The building here is all about learn, earn & return. Earn is central here, we are an organization that has to hold up its own pants. Results and financial returns must be made. But not at all costs.

And the returns flow back into learning and our social activities. As Bill Gates says, there is a period in your life when you learn, a period when you perform and a period when you are social. We then say: why wait to return? From day one you are engaged in performing, learning and your social impact.”

Everything gets a second life

“I feel very strongly that the people who make up this company have a very social motivation and that is where they get their energy. I think it is very important that it can be felt and seen in everything we are. This is reflected in all the details of the property.

"Social impact has been important from the start of our company. For example, when purchasing new furniture, we always look at whether we can use second-hand or circular items."

For example, the track beams, which have had a lifetime, are now the stage for speakers. Our sofas come from the KPN lobby. Or the coffee maker – it ran on gas in the 60s and now it has been converted into a new appliance with a soul. Everything gets a second life here.”

Don't accept the status quo

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think of learning is a delegation that recently visited. They are responsible for the Dutch infrastructure of the future. The project managers were here and I explained how you can apply a financing principle for circularity and where the 'tension' comes in.

If you upcycling, your cost structure will increase. Creativity is then required. By choosing an alternative product as a replacement from a completely different sector, you reduce the cost price and create space to produce at an attractive price. Where reuse then predominates.

You could immediately see from the group that they became inspired and started to think differently.

I always try to propagate learning and integrating the creative process. It is possible, but you should not accept the status quo.”

You can find these types of recycled felt in the DHM building

The baffles, lampshades and workPODs in the photos are produced with recycled felt in the types: Efteling Fairy Blue, Efteling Forest Brown, Efteling Golden Touch & Banking Grey.

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