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custom made

+ Gerecycled vilt van oude (bedrijfs)kleding   + Sociaal & in NL geproduceerd   + Counts 100% towards SROI obligations/CSR objectives

Started with an idea and developed into a brand: the i-did bags and accessories made from recycled felt. We make new, design products from textiles that are no longer used. Each bag or accessory is therefore durable and has a rich history. In this way we also clean up the textile waste mountain little by little!

A selection from our range


Mireille shoulder bag

  • Sleek, square and practical

  • Made from 235 grams old hospital textile

  • 100% socially produced

  • Optional: personal branding


From 9.95 euros each (B2B)


Silvester gift box

  • Packaging & decoration

  • Made from 83 grams of old consumer textiles

  • 100% socially produced

  • Optional: personal branding



From 2.95 euros each (B2B)


Saida laptop sleeve 13''

  • Store your laptop in style

  • Made from 183 grams of old Efteling textile

  • 100% socially produced

  • Optional: personal branding

From 7.95 euros each (B2B)

Sustainable design


Our bags and accessories are carefully designed by our designer. This not only looks at how beautiful a product is, but also whether this product can last a long time. This not only makes our material sustainable, but also the products themselves. Our bags and accessories are made in our workshops. Here we guide people who have not worked for a long time or who have never worked for sustainable work.


You can see the origin of the textile in every product. For example, in the color Defense Desert you occasionally see a small piece of green fabric made from old army textile. So you have a sustainable product with a history and a special story.

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How organizations use custom made

We are happy to inspire you with all the possibilities!

Would you like to know more about all bags & accessories made from recycled felt? And do you want more information about the characteristics, functional use and the quantities? In our brochure we take you along what makes you happy as a buyer. †  


In our brochure we tell you everything about:
†     bags
†     accessories
†     our felt
†     & customer made 

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Or go for a sustainable acoustic interior

We also make acoustic interior solutions in our workshop. Handmade and circular. Our acoustic felt achieves wonderful test results. The interior solutions are functional and sustainable for your own office building. 

The possibilities of promotional gifts and own branding


Would you like advice on bags, felting & accessories?

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I am curious about your plans & ideas. Feel free to contact me!

Jiska Rutteman

Bags, felt & accessories expert

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