We coach people to get jobs

Appreciating people. We employ people who, for whatever reason, have not worked for a long time or have never worked. People who want to participate, but have not really gotten the opportunity to do so on their own. Together we discover opportunities, through coaching, guidance and of course by working and getting to know someone as a colleague.


We make beautiful design products from recycled felt. Felt made from textiles that would otherwise be thrown away. In this way, we clean up the textile waste little by little.


'i-did changed my life because I now really know what I want. I am very happy. ”


The step to success


The success comes because we combine work, coaching in areas of life and guidance to the next job. We not only look at work, but also at why someone has not worked for a long time. In addition to work experience, training in employee skills and coaching in your areas of life, our coach will look for a new job with the participant. On average 70% of our participants go on to paid work.

Come and gain work experience!

We offer work experience and empowerment coaching

to men and women who are unemployed for a longer period of time. We make sustainable design products in our social and sustainable production workshop.


Would you like to work again?

 You can work standing and sitting for a long time

 You like to work with your hands (you don't need to be able to sew yet)

 You are willing to participate in coaching

 You are not allergic to dust

 You speak Dutch at least at A2 level


The work consists of

 Production work on an industrial sewing machine

 Packing, counting stocks, warehouse work, ironing, checking

 Operation of stitching robots and laser machine (for those who have a little technical understanding)


Are you interested?

Please call us for an appointment!

"We offer everyone who is not seen by others, the opportunity to work" - Heidi Willems (Production Manager)


This beautiful video shows how our social model ensures social inclusion and offers opportunities. Made for and by KLM.

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