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You are a social employer

We believe in a social and circular society. A society where everyone contributes to keep the circle going and where no one is left out.


We employ people who, for whatever reason, have not worked for a long time or have never worked. People who want to participate, but have not really seen or gotten the opportunity to do so alone. Together we discover opportunities, through coaching, guidance and of course by working and getting to know someone as a colleague.

The step to success


The success comes because we combine work, coaching in areas of life and guidance to the next job. We not only look at work, but also at why someone has not worked for a long time. In addition to work experience, training in employee skills and coaching in your areas of life, our coach will look for a new job with the participant. On average 70% of our participants go on to paid work.

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How you can help as a social employer

1. You register your organization with us
Do you find one of the job profiles mentioned interesting for your organization? Then you can register as an organization without obligation. You are then active in our employer database. 

2. When available, we share employee profiles
If one of our participants is in the final phase of the process, we will investigate the next step. If this next step corresponds to the vacancy in your organization, we will contact you immediately. You can then invite the participant for an introductory meeting and a trial period without obligation. Hopefully you are a match. † 

3. You are a match!
If it subsequently appears that both parties are enthusiastic, there is a match. We support your organization to make use of job coaching, financial arrangements and aftercare from our professional coaches. In this way we work together to create a sustainable workplace. 


Which competencies can an employee develop with us? 

Teaching or strengthening:

  • Work experience

  • Work rhythm and structure

  • Hours accrual

  • Social skills (and social contacts)

  • Employee skills, such as communicating, collaborating, taking initiative, dealing with conflicts, planning & organizing, perseverance, empowerment, self-direction (self-management and development), etc.

  • Improving the Dutch language 

  • Knowledge and insight about own patterns that stand in the way of work

  • Knowledge and insight into your personal talents that open the way to work

  • Knowledge and insight into what is an appropriate next step to a (paid) job

  • Career orientation and practical support during the application process

  • Sewing and other practical skills aimed at appropriate transition to work

What interests does someone find satisfaction in working within i-did?

Our trajectory/job is aimed at wanting to rejoin society. So anyone who is motivated to work (again) but finds the step to a regular job still too big, will be able to learn something at i-did.


Over the past 12 years we have noticed that people from all walks of life can find satisfaction with i-did: every gender and orientation, every cultural background, (highly) educated, practical or uneducated, high or low Dutch language level, regular or target group register, etc.

What topics do we deal with within the organization?

Activation - Leading people to work – Target groups – Social entrepreneurship – Social Impact – Inclusive labor market – Practical learning with MBO statement – Circular production – Reducing textile mountain – R&D textile recycling and design – Self-managing teams (Semco) – The Work (Byron Katie)


How do we describe our company culture?

When you step over the threshold at i-did, you immediately feel it. This is a place where we work based on trust and freedom. A place where we do things, where we are allowed to make mistakes and improve them. A place where everyone can be human, where we pay attention to each other and to the products we make.


Based on the Semco philosophy, we work in a self-directed way and treat each other like adults. Byron Katie's method The Work helps us to take responsibility for our thoughts and emotions and to keep the communication between them pure.

What personal characteristics are we looking for in a future employee?

Every person is unique and valuable and every person has talents. You can be yourself at i-did and your personal characteristics will emerge naturally. We do not ask for specific characteristics or experience. All employee skills may be learned at i-did. 

Some motivation to rejoin society through work is important. Someone may find it exciting to take the first step. We help with that. 


What physical complaints stand in the way of being able to work for us?

Strong dust allergy and poor vision. Major adjustments in the building or in the production process in the case of multiple physical disabilities are less possible.

What mental complaints stand in the way of starting with us?

Multiple psychological problems, in which unsafe situations can arise for everyone. Being homeless is a matter of discussion.


What facilitation and guidance needs can be met by i-did?

  • Coaching and guidance aimed at personal growth and orientation on the labor market.

  • Career guidance and practical help with finding and keeping a new job.

Do you want to register as a social employer?

We are very curious about your wishes. Feel free to contact us!

Tina Can

Outflow coach


Anna Schilizzic

Outflow coach

A selection of the organizations that believe in our mission

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