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Acoustic interior

More and more companies are settling in old buildings. There is a preference for open workplaces, raw materials and an industrial look. The downside is poor acoustics and therefore an unpleasant working environment. We have the sustainable and circular solution!

+ Acoustic interior delivered & installed  + Available for rent from 1 week  + Spaces from 1 to 1000+ people

Recycled, circular and social


What distinguishes our acoustic interior products from other acoustic interior products on the market is that we almost only use recycled materials (except for the glue and staples) and that our products are circular. In addition, through the proceeds of assignments, we guide people who have not or never worked for a long time to paid work.

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"It was difficult for us to imagine the effect of the panels beforehand. Therefore, the rental construction with a competitive price was a pleasant solution.


We rented the acoustic baffles for a week and we were instantly very excited about the results. It is very useful to test acoustics, especially with varying numbers of guests. In the end, we were so satisfied that we permanently purchased the items!"

Ellen (Genaral Manager) – De Kookfabriek


The possibilities

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Multi panel for on the wall

Multi panel for ceiling


Island for ceiling

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System panel ceiling

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Multi-panel for the wall

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Frequently Asked Questions

For how long is it possible to rent acoustic items?
You can rent acoustic articles starting from one week. In advance you determine the period of the rental. This can range from one week to several months.


Do you deliver and install? 
All acoustic articles are securely packed so that they are delivered to you in perfect condition. So we ensure correct shipping and delivery. It is also possible that we install the articles for an additional charge. If you want to install them yourself, we provide instructions on how to use the interior products correctly.


How do it return the products after the rental period? 

All our acoustic products are delivered in special packaging. It is important to keep this packaging during the rental period. After the period ends, you can easily return the items in their original packaging.

Would you like advice on furnishing & our felt?


Mirko van den Winkel

Interior expert

I am curious about your plans & ideas. Feel free to contact me!
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