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Features at a glance


The thickness of our felt is about 2.5 mm. However, because it is recycled material, it cannot be completely uniform; deviations in certain places are possible within a margin of a maximum of 20%.


Fire resistant

We can impregnate our felt for fire resistance. After treatment it is possible to receive a certificate of treatment. The impregnated material can be classified as flame retardant in the sense of the Dutch standard NEN EN ISO 6941 (Tnaflame < 15 s, Tafterglow < 60 s). This means that it can be used anywhere without any problems according to the Building Decree.



We can also do all kinds of processing in our workshops, such as lasering, punching and printing.


Our felt can be easily cleaned by vacuuming. Do not use water and do not rub. If water has gotten on the felt, wait for it to dry completely before vacuuming.

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What we do


The people who nwho have never worked or have not worked for a long time are intensively supervised and coached by us. Through work we focus on the development of employee skills.


At the same time, we are clearing away the textile mountain. We do this by making recycled felt from old textiles – such as company clothing or consumer clothing.


In our workshops, participants work independently to produce beautiful bags, interiors and accessories from recycled felt.

Oh and as a social enterprise we only go for maximum sustainable and social impact. We fully invest profit in our mission. A logical choice for us to create a more beautiful world.

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Our collections

Our impact

57,820 kilos of textile saved


Helped 257 long-term unemployed



liters of water saved

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Recycled felt from your company clothing?

In our i-did Factory we can recycle your old company clothing into felt in which the origin of the clothing can be seen. Whether these are small or very large quantities. To turn that felt into beautiful, new products for your company!

For example, we can produce acoustic wall panels or other interior products. It is also possible to make laptop covers, bags and (home) accessories from the felt. So you can even have business or employee gifts made from your own company clothing. Then the circle is round, isn't it?

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