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Designers in the spotlight: i-felt as the basis of amazing creations

Look we have a lot of creative ideas what is possible with, i-felt, our recycled felt. Yet we are pleasantly surprised by designers, furnishers and creatives who share the most amazing designs and applications with us.

In recent months, full use has been made of the versatility of i-felt. A number of designs in a row.

The Green Room - meeting room

The warm atmosphere of this meeting room is perfect for when you want to get out of the static work environment. Because it is furnished with natural and sustainable materials in collaboration with local designers, it has a cocoon-like effect. The sound is regulated by the acoustic round islands with white recycled felt.

Design & creation: agency Somewhere Else


Felt like it - shopper

Studio Macnas uses 'traditional craft and modern technology'. With a great fascination for making products without a footprint. They do this by using biodegradable materials. Studio Macnas has designed this shopper with a characteristic asymmetrical handle using Efteling recycled felt.

Design and creation: Studio Macnas


Planet Friendly - dog toy

The Swedish brand Petgood carries its mission of 'more sustainable and transparent animal world' at heart. They produce a handmade dog toy from i-felt that is suitable for all dog types. The design in the shape of an insect is extremely strong. Any dog can safely use his teeth several times.

Design and creation: Petgood


These types of i-felt can be found in the designs above

In the shared designs you will find three different types of i-felt: Efteling Fairy Blue, Power Green and Care White.

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