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i-did as a stepping stone to the fashion department of the HEMA

Seeing people flourish with a new employer. We get energy from that. We regularly contact former participants to ask how they are doing, what work has brought them and how they look back on their time at i-did.

This time the story of former i-did'er Kaddy, who enjoys working at HEMA.

Name: Kaddy

Age: 43 years

Now works at: De HEMA. Since 2019.

What kind of work do you do there?

“I work in the fashion department of HEMA, especially the children's department. There I do various activities such as manning the cash register, keeping track of stocks and giving advice.

I find the direct contact with the customer the best of all. So far things are going so well that Hema has given me a permanent contract. I am very proud of that!”

"At i-did you are immediately helped with organizing your life, you learn to become independent and make a plan for future work."

How do you look back on your time at i-did?

“I had no work experience before I started working at i-did. When I started I learned many different tasks in the studio such as sewing and stitching materials.

At i-did you are also immediately helped with organizing your life, you learn to become independent and make a plan for future work. I thought it was a very nice time to get used to work.”

What are you grateful for?

“I-did helped me to find a suitable job. I now have a job that suits me very well. Otherwise I would not have been able to find something suitable.

In my environment I advise some people – who have never worked before – to first gain a few months of work experience at i-did. And then take the step to other fun work.”


i-did guides people to work

I see you thinking. Everyone can go to work in these times if they want, right? Well, there are as many as 300,000 people currently on long-term assistance. They deal with multiple problems. In other words, problems in multiple areas of life.

They want to, but need a little push. i-did offers them a workplace where they grow, learn and eventually move on to a regular workplace.

Fotografie: Vera Claessen

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